What’s the point: NSL for TensorFlow, AWS adds container insights, TeamCity and GitLab fixes

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The TensoFlow team has introduced a new framework, which it says should allow both novice and advanced developers to train neural networks with structured signals. Dubbed Neural Structured Learning, the framework can be used to construct “accurate and robust models for vision, language understanding, and prediction in general.” The team said the framework leverages structured signals in addition to feature inputs, and structure can “be explicit as represented by a graph or implicit as induced by adversarial perturbation.”

TeamCity’s 50 fixes

TeamCity 2019.1.3 hit the streets last week, fixing a list of 50 different problems in JetBrains’ CI platform. Six of these were performance related, including excessive memory usage inside the SML RPC request processor. Memory was also being swallowed up by a problem with the getNodesWithoutChildren method, which has now been fixed. The update also fixes a pair of bugs that were slowing down health reports in the platform. A trio of security problems were also fixed, but these were not detailed.

AWS goes GA with container insights

AWS has announced that Operational Insights for Containers and Containerized Applications is now in general availability. The books to cloud giant announced its CloudWatch Container Insights service as an open preview for new clusters back in July, covering Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate. The firm announced late last week that Container Insights had gone GA, and now covered existing clusters, and has been extended to Kubernetes and Amazon ECS for Kubernetes, as well as the aforementioned platforms. The service will discover all of the running containers in a cluster and collects performance and operational data at every layer in the container stack, Amazon said.

GitLab patch release

GitLab has issued a patch release covering its Community and Enterprise editions, fixing  bugs and regressions in the 12.2.3 release it put out last month. These include nine bugs afffecting both the community and enterprise editions. It also fixes a bug in Enterprise Edition that meant group hooks didn’t fire in PostReceive. 12.2.4 shouldn’t require any new migrations or downtime, the firm said.

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