Rajesh KumarDevOps | SRE | DevSecOps | GitOps | DataOps Certified5 star1200
AkashDevOps Certified Professional (DCP)4.8 star1200
AbhayDevSecOps Certified Professional (DSOCP)4.7 star2000
VijaySite Reliability Engineering (SRE)4.8 star1400
BijnoyHashicorp Vault Certification Training4.9 star1700
KomalMaster in Azure DevOps4.7 star2600
KritikaAWS Certified DevOps Professional4.8 star1200
RahulCertified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)4.7 star1600
TejaswiniMaster in Microservices4.7 star1600
KarishmaMaster in Python Programming5 star2600
KartikHashicorp Certified Terraform Associate4.8 star1800

Freelancers Certifications Ratings Reviews

Akash DevOps Certified Professional (DCP) 4.8 star 1200
Abhay DevSecOps Certified Professional (DSOCP) 4.7 star 2000
Vijay Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) 4.8 star 1400
Bijnoy Hashicorp Vault Certification Training 4.9 star 1700
Komal Master in Azure DevOps 4.7 star 2600
Kritika AWS Certified DevOps Professional 4.8 star 1200
Rahul Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) 4.7 star 1600
Tejaswini Master in Microservices 4.7 star 1600
Karishma Master in Python Programming 5 star 2600
Kartik Hashicorp Certified Terraform Associate 4.8 star 1800

Rajesh Kumar

Total, Over 15 years of extensive experience working with more than 8 software MNCs for software development/maintenance and production environments involved in continuous improvement and automating entire life cycle using latest devops tools and techniques from design and architecture, through implementation, deployment, and successful operations. Also, helping more than 70 software organizations globally, providing coaching, mentoring and consulting in devops, CICD, cloud, containers, sre, devSecops, microservices and operations.

I help software organization to improve a quality of the software, reducing the software development/operational cost and immediate feedback/monitoring. Have in-depth working experience in following domains with real project implementation.



I am expert in following domains..Test Driven DevOps ApproachContinuous IntegrationContinuous DeliveryContinuous DeploymentContinuous InspectionSite Reliability Engineering(SRE)


He is DevOps certified freelancer, having knowledge on multiple toolsets, hands-on experience supporting, automating, and optimizing mission-critical deployments in AWS, leveraging configuration management, CI/CD, and DevOps processes. He is dedicated and working since 20 years in IT, means having more than 20+ years of experience in this field. He has worked on various projects with international clients. Even he worked as freelancer DevOps trainer. Trained so many candidates so far, to both students and working professionals.

Certification – DevOps certified
Job success rate – 98%
Charges – 20$ per hour.


He is a DevSecOps freelancer having 11+ years of experience. Having knowledge in implementing DevSecOps security, culture, through CI/CD and configuration management tools like Jenkins, Artifactory, Github Enterprise, GitLab. He has worked with so many companies as a freelancer or as a full time employee. Also, he is a trainer who provides online training to students or working professionals. He has trained so many people so far.

Certification – DevSecOps certified
Job success rate – 97%
Charges – 30$ per hour.


He is a Site reliability engineer (SRE), having 15+ years of IT experience with SRE knowledge including SRE concepts, principles, CI/CD pipeline, related tools, etc. But since few years he has started his career as freelancer and start contributing companies by working for them like, as a trainer. He has trained so many people so far. His main goal is to see the customer being happy and the system reliable.

Certification – SRE certified
Job success rate – 95%
Charges – 80$ per hour.


He is a Hashicorp Vault freelancer with 10+ years of IT experience, tends to share his skills and knowledge with other companies or professionals through providing training or freelancing work. He’s having knowledge in Hashicorp vault with hands-on experience building vault environment and expertise in Devops culture. He’s strength is the ability to uderstand what clients need and complete in time.

Certification – Hashicorp Vault certified
Job success rate – 96%
Charges – 25$ per hour.


She is a Azure DevOps freelancer. Having 18+ years of IT experience with Strong background in azure devops cloud computing services. He keens to leverage his skills and talents to add great value to an organization by providing his services. She is also a freelance trainer. She has trained around 1200 people so far.

Certification – Microsoft Azure cloud Certified (AZ-900)
Job success rate – 95%
Charges – 80$ per hour.


She is a AWS certified freelancer. She’s having 15+ years of experience with strong knowledge and skills like setup, design AWS services like EC2, CloudFront, AWS Server Migration, AWS Application, AWS Lambda, Network Administration, etc. She also provides training through online as a freelancer trainer. She has trained so many students so far. She is hard working and sincere with his work.

Certification – AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
Job success rate – 97%
Charges – 35$ per hour.


He is a Kubernetes freelancer with 16+ years of IT experience. Ready to share his skills and knowledge with other companies or professionals through providing training or freelancing work. He’s having knowledge in Kubernetes with hands-on experience Automating Binpacking, Service Discovery & Load balancing, Storage Orchestration, Self-Healing, Secret & Configuration Management, and many more. He’s strength is the ability to uderstand what clients need and complete in time like proving online training to students and finish on time.

Certification – Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)
Job success rate – 97%
Charges – 35$ per hour.


She is a Microservices freelancer, worked as a full time employee for 16+ years in IT, but she also works as a freelancer to share her skills and knowledge with needed companies. She’s having a strong knowledge in microservices design architecture, automation, development cycles, CI/CD pipeline, language agnostic services, Cloud-readiness, etc. She also works as a freelance trainer to share her knowledge and skills with needy people.

Certification – Certified microservices professional
Job success rate – 94%
Charges – 30$ per hour.


She is a Python freelancer, with 18+ years of experience in IT. She likes to share her skills and knowledge with needy companies and professionals. She’s having a strong knowledge in Python programming language and features like Easy to Code, Support for GUI, Integration, object-oriented approach, etc. She is talented and enthusiast in her work. She also works a freelance trainer.

Certification – Certified Master in Python Programming
Job success rate – 97%
Charges – 40$ per hour.


He is a Terraform freelancer, having 18+ years of IT experience with Terraform knowledge including Terraform concepts, infrastructure automation, working on cloud platforms, deployments, etc. He likes to contribute with his skills and knowledge to companies by working for them. He also wrk as a trainer and has trained so many people so far. He believes sharing knowledge is one of the best job.

Certification – Hashicorp Certified Terraform Associate
Job success rate – 95%
Charges – 45$ per hour.