How ForgeRock’s DevOps Deployment Model Speeds Time to Market

Combining IAM with Docker and Kubernetes gives you competitive advantage

Time is of the essence when it comes to developing and deploying capabilities that support remote work and online business. One of the best ways to speed time to market, scale for peak demand, and increase efficiency is by using a modern identity and access management (IAM) solution that supports a multi-cloud DevOps deployment model utilizing containerization and orchestration technologies, such as Docker and Kubernetes. With the cloud now a top enterprise strategic priority and more workloads shifting to cloud platforms every year, it’s imperative that these workloads be protected.

New Demands Create Challenges for Traditional IAM

IAM enables organizations to connect users to all their services with seamless and secure access from any device. For any new services needed, identity authentication and management is essential. However, traditional IAM solutions are complex and difficult to deploy. They lack the scalability and flexibility needed for quickly rolling out new services, upgrades, or releases. Modern IAM solutions need to be agile in order to quickly respond to market demand. This requires rearchitecting IAM to support automated and continuous delivery requirements essential for DevOps across any cloud. Supporting a DevOps approach and containerizing IAM using Docker and Kubernetes allows for greater flexibility when deploying IAM solutions.

What Is Docker and Kubernetes?

Docker is a tool designed to make it easier for developers to quickly create, deploy, and run applications at scale and in any environment by using containers. Containers allow a developer to bundle an application with all of the parts it needs – such as libraries, code, and other dependences – and deploy it as one package. Developers can focus on writing code without worrying about the system that it will be running on. Kubernetes is an open source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Together, Docker and Kubernetes enable developers to orchestrate and deliver faster services with flexible deployment options, whether in an on-premises, hybrid, or multi-cloud environment.

The Power of DevOps and Identity

Large enterprises face identity challenges around slow time-to-market development, high deployment costs, and lack of resources and skill sets. What’s needed is a cost-effective way to speed and streamline deployment, maintenance, and management with a comprehensive identity platform.

A modern identity platform will enable you to build and maintain a production-grade, DevOps-enabled, referenceable, cloud-ready architecture that enables automated multi-cloud deployments – leveraging Docker and Kubernetes. These capabilities reduce the time you spend managing and configuring software, increase the speed of deployment, and allow you to focus on delivering business results, thereby increasing your overall productivity and competitive advantage. In fact, customers that leverage ForgeRock DevOps deployment model have accelerated projects by three to six months and have saved 25% on implementation costs. With the right identity solution, organizations can easily protect workloads in any cloud; support millions of any type of identity; enable rapid solution development in a repeatable way; and conduct fast, simple, and highly available deployments – all without sacrificing rich features and extensibility. This ultimately leads to immediate business benefits, including accelerated time to market, increased flexibility in rolling out new services, availability and scalability, and time savings.

Microservice architectures, DevOps and agile development as new paradigms, and container-based deployments are changing the way IT is done. There are obvious benefits in moving to such architectures, such as increased flexibility and lower cost of operations, but also increased security. – KuppingerCole

The ForgeRock Difference

By making it easy to utilize the power of Docker and Kubernetes technology, ForgeRock provides the fastest and most flexible multi-cloud IAM deployment options. Our cloud deployment model removes complexity and can help you accelerate time-to-market development, making it easy for you to deploy millions of identities in minutes, on any cloud, whether it’s Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure. You can validate deployment options against ForgeRock benchmark results and analyze the most cost-effective cloud solution based on multiple factors so that your organization can reduce costs, ensure optimal performance, availability, and reliability to meet customer demand quickly.

Learn more about our multi-cloud and DevOps solutions. For a technical deep dive, watch this on-demand webinar on Running IAM using Docker and Kubernetes.

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