How can we become a Splunk Phantom Certified Admin?

What is Splunk Phantom Admin?

If you work on a security team, you probably deal with complex security infrastructure and a range of technologies from multiple vendors. You’re likely exposed to unquantified risk stemming from a constantly expanding attack surface and escalating volumes of threats. And like everyone else, you have limited resources to defend your entities. There’s is never enough budget or people. Fortunately, there is a better way. Force multiply your efforts with a Splunk phantom security orchestration, automation, and response platform.

Phantom integrates your team, processes, and tools together so you can bring your best defense forward. It allows you to automate repetitive tasks. So, you can focus on other mission-critical issues. It helps you up-level how you manage events and cases and improve collaboration and training across the team. Phantom allows you to triage every by executing routine workflows in seconds or minutes instead of hours or more if done manually. It helps you make your SOC operations repeatable and auditable. Teams are able to manage events and cases the same way, every time, regardless of the person working on them. You’re able to accurately measure and reduce risk. And finally, you can demonstrate measurable impacts on your key performance metrics like MTTR. See what phantom can do for you. Get started now with the phantom community edition.    

What are the benefits of Splunk Phantom Admin?

From the beginning, we have learned many sorts of Splunk platforms series like Splunk core developer, enterprise security, cloud admin, and IT service intelligence. This time we are meeting with Splunk phantom. Every software has its own performance, duties, and responsibilities with great impact then query raises that what about the software defensive security and how the software maintains their accuracy with higher scalability. With this overview, there are certain benefits related to Splunk phantom certified admin such as: 

  • Create security for the management system
  • Highly integration process
  • Security work flowing system
  • Automation security system
  • Advanced threat catching actions

Why we should learn Splunk Phantom Admin?

Nowadays, this trending IT organization with the higher escalating tools. We are working with different technologies at a scale of interactions. If we are using the software too much then we need threat detection analysts and security system services. Then, a query comes as that why we should learn Splunk phantom and become certified. The most reason is that to automate and accelerate the process like shortage of IT security professionals, a large number of security point solutions, challenges of unstructured data, the investigative approach, people & processes, and workflow of threat mitigation timeline. And the admin facing common security operations challenges such as resources, products, alerts, static, speed, and costs. So, if you move along with Splunk phantom then you can evaluate delivering quality intelligence, improving the efficiency and efficacy of operations, enhancing incident response, and improves reporting and knowledge capture. As a Splunk phantom certified admin, you can make your software more planning, designing, creating, and debugging playbooks for phantom.

How our Splunk Phantom Admin course/training would help?

These tutorial courses will help you with the learning process of Splunk phantom admin with the SOAR platform (security orchestration, automation & response). This will make you more configure about the software system security. It solves security operations problems. Suppose, your software have limited resources, too many alerts, too many siloed products, lack of process, speed, & cost then it remediates with force multiply your team, clear 80% of alerts with no human interaction, unlock value from previous investments, establish SOPs (standard operating procedures) to be more effective, from 30 minutes to 40 seconds, & definitive ROI and hard cost savings. And it will give you work flowing ideology on security data, playbooks, actions, apps, assets, and owners.

After, getting the processed values then comes to the certification. If you get certified with the completion of training then it gives you competitive strength in automation and orchestration first, community focus, and enterprise architecture. This will make you more efficient in IT software infrastructure for ideal job opportunities with an expected high-paid salary. I wish that these statistics will give you more understanding of futuristic points of view.

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