Docker Learning – Mukesh

  1. What is Docker – in 2 lines?
=>Docker is a container management service. Docker enable developer to develop application, ship them into conatiner which can deployed in any env.

2. What is Container – in 3 lines?
=>Container are instance of docker images. each image have different type of layers like Windows2000, git, SFDC … etc
these images we can run using containers each image and each container have separate unique id.

  1. Top 10 commands with 1 example of using docker container?

docker –version
docker pull unbuntu
docker ps
docker ps -a
docker push
docker commit containerName
docker login
docker kill containerid
docker rm containerid
docker rmi containerName
docker build containerid

4. 5 commands with 1 example of using docker image ?

=> docker images – To see the list of docker image on the system
=> docker run images – docker run command is used to run the docker container.
=> docker rmi imageId – To remove docker images
=> docker pull imagenName – To pull docker image
=> docker inspect imageName – Used to see details of image or container.

5. 5 commands with 1 example of using docker registry?

=>docker login – Login to docker.
=> docker pull redis – pull some images using below command.
=> docker image tag mukesh mkgain/mukesh1 – Tag the image so that it points to your registry.
=> docker push mkgain/mukesh1 – to push.
=> List the container or images.
=> docker images – List the container or images.
=> docker logout – Logout from docker.

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