Dhiren Kumar’s Docker Assignment

QA 1: What is Docker?

Docker is built on the PASS model, which gives privileges to developers to deploy multiple applications in different containers, and allocates the defined disk space, and network.

Docker made the build process easy, for which we can set up an application in less time.

QA 2: What is Container?

a. Docker container is an executable software package that includes all dependent layers (Model/View/Controller)
b. With docker container application can work efficiently in different environments
c. Docker container helps us to package an application so that we will create an image and the same image we can deploy in multiple environments.

QA 3: Top 10 commands with 1 example of using docker containers

a. docker container cp : docker cp 16e46fbb498:/bin/bash/index.txt index_08062022.txt

b. Docker Container Commit : docker commit -m”or-o-git-apache-java” l2d1duk93x85 up-up-git-apache-java

c. docker exec l2d1duk93x85 which httpd2

d. docker exec -it l2d1duk93x85 /bin/bash

e. docker run -itd –name=dhiren or-o-git-apache-java

f. apt-get update

g. apt-get start

f. apt-get install npm

g. docker container start

h. docker container stop

Q.4 – 5 commands with 1 example of using docker image

docker images

docker image history -h ramukaka

docker image rm ramukaka

docker tag dhiren dhiren_hpe

docker image push

QA.5 – 5 commands with 1 example of using docker registry

login : docker login

logout : docker logout

images : docker images

tag : docker tag Imagename hubname

push : docker push hubname

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