Docker Assignment

What is docker?
Docker is container management platform or tool.
What is Docker container?
Docker image is a set of files. Docker container is a runnable instance of docker image.

Top 10 commnds using docker container?

docker info

docker version

docker pull httpd(pull in image)

docker images

docker create –name=usha1 httpd

docker ps -a

docker start usha1

docker stop usha1

docker restart usha1

docker pause usha1

docker unpause usha1

docker usha1 port

docker kill usha1

docker rm usha1

docker run -i -t ubuntu /bin/bash

5 commands using docker image?

1.docker pull docker imagename

1.docker pull httd

2.docker images

3. Docker run imgagename

4.docker inspect dockeimagename

5.docker rmi image name

Using Registry:

1.docker login

2.docker images

3.docker tag imgename ushakalikivayi/june-2022

4.docker push ushakalikivayi/june-2022

5.docker logout

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