DevOps topics in my words

1)What is DevOps:

  1. DevOps is the combination of software development and IT operations. It’s primary goal is to reduce the development lifecycle by providing continuous delivery with the quality software. DevOps follows the unique culture ,practices and tools which helps to deliver applications with high speed.

2)Ten Advantages In DevOps:

  • By using devops we can able to deliver the software with high quality in less time
  • unites team for faster product shipments
  • simplifies development focus
  • supports end-end responsibilities
  • communication
  • integration
  • automation
  • continuous delivery of software
  • fast and reliable problem solving techniques
  • minimal cost of production.

3)Top 10 Tools Used in DevOPs

  • GIT
  • maven
  • junit
  • jenkins
  • nagios
  • pupet
  • saltsack
  • eclipse
  • docker
  • kubernetes

4)Implementation of Devops

First we need to introduce devops initiative as the next step we need to develop Devops Statergy as the following we need to use containers to ensure software reliability while traversing between the processes. After that we need to integrate infrastructure with CI/CD Tools and next we need to test more on Automation and QADev Alingment as the last step we will do application performance Monitoring. By this we can implement devops.

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