Assignment 1

 What is DevOps

Devops is a team work that combines development and operations for effective development of a project.and gives security to software development and delivery compared to traditional process.

Top 10 Advantage of Devops:

–>Improved collabration and communication
–>Its a good organizational Culture
–>Increase product quality
–>Fastest production deployement
–>Reduction in risk
–>Rapid growth in bussiness values
–>Technical scalability is high
–>best in continous integration and delivery
–>Scope is high for innovation and improvance
–>Convinience in security maintenance

Top 10 Tools used in DevOps

–>Microsoft Azure

How to implement DevOps

–>Devops initiative
–>Developing a strategy
–>Use container tools
–> Integrate infrastructure with ci/cd tools
–>Test Automation
–>Monitoring the performance

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