DevOps and Cloud Combo Boosts Software Performance

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While relatively few companies are making extensive use of both cloud computing and DevOps, those that commit to both are achieving vastly improved key performance indicators (KPIs) as a result, according to a recent survey from CA Technologies. The accompanying report, “DevOps and Cloud Computing: Exploiting the Synergy for Business Advantage,” reveals that the organizations that do invest heavily in both the cloud and DevOps fare much better at improving the quality of software they produce, while reducing costs. They’re also bringing software to production more quickly. In addition, these companies are now more capable of making software delivery predictable, reliable and transparent, while improving customer and user experiences. “The potential synergy between cloud and DevOps sits squarely in the opportunity box,” according to the report. “If you are only making significant use of one of the two, or if your cloud adoption covers only a slice of the DevOps spectrum, it may be time to revisit and re-evaluate your options. For example, ask yourself if you are doing enough in key areas such as release automation, becoming target-agnostic for your applications, and in mixing and matching public and private clouds. ‚Ķ If your IT team’s level of achievement is mixed or you are falling short in terms of broader service delivery, the chances are that you are not committed to both DevOps and cloud, or are not combining the two effectively.” Nearly 930 global IT professionals took part in the research, which was conducted by Freeform Dynamics.

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