Assignment for SRE Day#1

Git is not a file versioning tool. Its file system versioning tool. How come?

Since Git is distributed filesystem and each and every repo is considered as complete server, so ate any point of time we have a copy of the source code.Git stores the each commit as SHA value instead of version no. like SVN , clearcase etc.even the minor changes in the code make changes the SHA-1 value, so thats’s why we call it as file system versioning tool

List down top 20 jenkins plugins

  1. Bitbucket
  2. Build Pipeline
  3. Script security
  4. artifactory
  5. active-directory
  6. code-coverage-api
  7. git-client
  8. git
  9. jacoco
  10. nodejs
  11. workflow-cps
  12. workflow-step-api
  13. ws-cleanup
  14. pmd
  15. influxdb
  16. jdk-tool
  17. config-file-provider
  18. cloud-stats
  19. cloudfoundry
  20. blueocean
Write down steps to add new linux node of Jenkins?

Jenkins ->Manage Jenkins -> Nodes and Clouds configurations

Click New Node

Provide Node name : test node

Select Permanent node option