Assignment day2 Sap by Anil Kumar

  1. How certifcations based auth works??
    In Certification based authentication, digital certificates are used to validate a user, machine or application, before granting access. These are easy to create, delete or rollback. Certificate based authentication is fast and easy to use.
  2. Write a diff between Create vs Apply and Put Vs Post and define IDEOMPOTENCY?
    Put:- in case of put create new object. it is ideompotent. it will replace a object.
    Post:- insert or update , even if object is already present. it is not ideompotent and will create new iteam each item with different id.
    Kubectl apply :- works on any of the attributes. Any attribute can be updated.
    kubectle create :- works on all the attributes. All attributes should be there. will fail if used with replace. or any attribute is missing.
    IDEOMPOTENCY:- means creation or modification of resouces based on the existing condition, there will be no change if the requested changes already exist.
  3. What is diff between kubectl exec and kubectl attach?
    kubectl attach :- attach to a running container.
    kubectl exec :- is to execute a command in a container.
  4. What is diff between docker exec and docker attach?
    Docker attach is used to attach a containers input/output and error streams to a docker container.
    Docker exec is used to connect and run command directly to the container.