Why does a programmer use git?

Hello folks, welcome to the world of computer programming. So, if you’re a software engineer and either student or fresher. And you do anything work-related to computer, doing any coding. So, you will have listened must about the GIT. What is GIT? Today, we talk about that stuff. Without doing any further delay, let’s start this from my article.

Who is the developer of GIT?

Let’s see the first thing, the developer of that GIT whose name wasLinus Torvalds”. This is an individual who’s made our Linus kernel. It is also open-source. Right, it is our open source and in that, anybody can give their contribution. Linus is open-source that means anyone can contribute to it, so there are thousands of people who are contributing to it.

What is the Linux kernel?

 You will have listened in that for this you shouldn’t want any license, doing download any source code in this. After that, you have to do modification, do modification, and put any features in that. You can deploy this on the server. If they feel good then will add in features. You can do like as. GIT is also our open-source. Now, what is the need of GIT?

Importance of GIT

 If the talks come of about git so, what is the need of it? Suppose you’re doing a project, we are five people that are doing projects. After that, suppose we have to do code exchange then we will do mail to code, mailed it, or uploaded in drive. First, drive where we will have put all codes. Suppose, there is a place where any other person has sent code to me then will happen far away. We will do a download and set of it. Like be any system, whose every code do automatically, everything sets itself to happen. Automatically code merge on that place. Therefore, our use of git. If we use of git then that difficulties are coming, even five people come difficulty in working, they things will happen far away. How much no. of employees and teams can use. Our task will be easy. It is also doing our communication and code management easy. our GIT is based on source code management (SCM). It means that those manages of our source code, keep code in the right way. Therefore, we say distributed version control system to this.

What is distributed version control system?

What does it mean? Distributed version control system means that every one version of, you have made the first file then the second file, all of these versions those we will do changes in the file that changes they do keep save. We can return to the previous change. we see this in more detail, suppose we do a project in that some features or chat application, we make of that. So, what will we do, when first happens start, for starting we will release it put some minimum features. I have in forward, some changes come in that code. Suppose, we have to add new features then new features come.   

Importance of version control system

Those my previous software such as chat application in that new features drops then something version will make, you will have listened to some version like version 1.2, 1.3 and 2.0. What is it happens? This is updation in code, we make that code or even any software are making so, that in time to time updation happens. The responsibility to keep care of all updations of GIT. Like new features read and after, read some more features. The version in that they will be changing. Like some more features have been released, while in that time version 1.1 will have made, again read some more features then version 1.2 has come and read more features so, version 1.3 has come. Suppose, these all are codes of mine, all have been put in my local machine. For saving all of them, we shall have stored to them so, what we will do? We will store of all in storage. Now, that will store in that when we will do updations then suppose we are running version v1.3, my client says to me that we shouldn’t want version v1.3, we should want version v1.2. So, we will move in storage then we will download that file from there and after this, we will upload it. Nothing like as it doesn’t practical. Suppose, one huge project of mine then we will don’t like it as continuously we will move in storage, dropbox, or google drive, we will download from there and after that upload it. It is so long process and doesn’t practically exist, Codes can be misguided. Now, you, whenever little bit changes come to like even semicolon problems come then how much errors come. Therefore, for this, we will use GIT. We use GIT because it will have to care of all these versions. Suppose, one of my machines, we’re working on that machine, and the server is situated nearby you and there will place in that we will say repository or remote repository. Those on the server, we call him remote repository because they’re put in the server, there we don’t do changes and we do changes when we do download. That repository will have made in sever, we will do download. Those we will do download in the machine, we will call him remote repository and same as another user has downloaded it, they will also work. They all will upload their own changes, again they will upload changes in the server. Repository, you can understand like as it is the only folder in which we have some projects.

What is trunk-based development?

Our GIT runs on trunk-based development. Who says trunk-based development? Trunk-based development means we can make branches. So, what do branches means? Suppose, mine has version v1.3. That is one of the stable versions and has been uploaded, software is running then our team will work in the latest version, my team is working on version v2.0. Now, those of your stable version comes any bug, one user says that something bug in this. When the bugs come in this so, it will report. When it will report then what will we do? We will not do like as we will not leave version 2.0, we will also work on that. Now, through GIT, we can make branches, we can work simultaneously on GIT through the branch.

What is the master branch?

Let’s look, how we do this. Like one of mine branch, by default we take changes, it happens in master branch. Suppose, doing changes, commit it. We are doing in the master branch, again doing changes, commit it. When we do commit then we add any version or features, again doing changes, commit it. Your version is similar there. Suppose, there is version v1.3, the bug has come in this. We are working own in what, we are also working on version v2.0. Definitely, we have to do work on the latest version and we also have to do fixes bugs of v1.3. So, what we will do? We will make a branch on there, there will make one branch where we can manage version 2.0 and coding also. This 1.3 version will move to differ. Like a tree, you can work on different versions through branching.

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