What is Docker?

Docker is an open source containerized platform it permits developers to package applications.It is used for developing,deploying,and managing applications in a simple environment called as containers.It is used to develop different software applications in the simple environment.It builds applications,notify the applications,develop and also deploy the applications.

What is Container?

Docker containers are lightweight virtualized runtime environments for running applications. Each container represents a package of software that contains code, system tools, runtime, libraries, dependencies, and configuration files required for running a specific application. They are independent and isolated from the host and other instances running on the host.So basically containers are build on docker images…so the type of image we build that type of container we get.So build a container in the docker engine.

What are top 5 advantage of Docker? 

1.Optimization of costs

2.Speed and Agility

3.Efficiency in managing multi cloud environment and Security

5.fixed environment

What are top 10 commands you used today and oneline explnations

docker ps -a–>The docker ps command onlyshows running containers by¬†default. To see¬†all containers use the -a(or–all) flag¬†docker ps groups exposed ports into a single range if possible.

docker info–>This command displays system wide information of the docker installation.

docker version–>this will print out the docker version installed on your device, docker -v Docker version 20.10.

docker start->it helps to start a specific task in docker

docker stop–>it helps to stop the task

clear–>clears all the data

ps–>it displays running containers.

docker inspect –>docker inspect¬†provides detailed information on constructs controlled by Docker

docker run -d httpd–>¬†is used to run the container in the detached mode. It means your docker container will be running in the background.

docker images–>Docker images are templates used for¬†building containers.

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