What is docker?

Docker creates a container image that needs to be run for an application. Docker enables the user to separate the application so the process of developing which involves building, testing and deploying faster. Docker helps in reducing the time between building and deploying. With the help of docker, more workloads can be run on the same hardware itself .

Docker overview | Docker Documentation

What is a container?

A container is an executable package that include everything that is needed to run a application.

There are different containers available for different set of tasks or applications and each container can be controlled for it’s own changes that needs to be committed and is also secure. The container will have its own applications for it to run the commands and do the changes.

What is a Container? - Docker

Advantages of docker

  1. By using docker, there will be an improved level of performance
  2. Docker also helps in providing application which are cost-effective.
  3. Changes can be made easily.
  4. Data will be secure.
  5. In docker, there is flexible resource sharing.

Top 10 commands used

  1. ls
  2. ps
  3. docker images
  4. docker ps -a
  5. docker start (container id)
  6. docker exec -it (container id) bash
  7. docker run -d httpd
  8. docker create httpd
  9. docker run -itd ubuntu
  10. docker inspect (container id)

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