Assignment 1(SRE Batch – Gulam Khan)

DevOps Vs DevSecOps Vs SRE

DevOps is a mindset which enables organization to deliver changes efficiently and cost effectivly. Its a blend of Developers and Operations which help to reduce test enviroment setup issue which causes unwanted delays.

DevSecOps is the enriched Devops blend with pinch of security aspects. It enables developers to consider the required security/compliance aspect and introduce them in initial phases to avoid challenges and issues which we face after testing. It helps in reducing the duplication of work.

Challenges of Devops or DevSecOps:

  • Ownership of failure
  • Cross skilling
  • Road blocks in CI

To overcome the challenges of DevOps/DevSecOps Google intorduced the new process SRE. SRE is enhanced version of Devops which didnt force Developers/Testers to perform eachother duty. Instead it simplified the communication between Development and Operations team by involving both the teams in the start of project. Both the team can leverage the expertise of each other and deliver the project more efficiently. As operations team involved in initially we are aware about the challenges/issues we face during/post deployment and so we will be ready with the work around and deploy the changes without blaming eachother, less downtime and great learning experience which will help us to improve in next releases.It will help us to plan our changes in a way so that operations team didnt need to work in their off hours as they are on the line of fire and if any things break they need to face higher management. Gradually, the resources form both the teams can learn each other tools and technology which will help organization to acheive the goal.

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