Confluence Assignment & Lab – Pankaj Devrani

What are top 5 use cases of Confluence?

  • Writing product requirement
  • Documenting organisation processes
  • Create Technical and onboarding docs
  • Create Knowledge Base
  • Create sprint retrospective and demo pages

What is Space Vs Blogs Vs Pages

  • Space is used to organise content into a meaningful category. For e.g. Marketing, Development,  Products
  • Blogs are used to share announcements, journal entries, status reports any other timely information
  • Pages are used to store information like technical knowledge, processes or meeting notes

List out Top 20 Macros of Confluence with one short intro

Macros are used to change the format and layout of the page or display media or perform actions from page.

  • Anchor macro – used to link specific part of the page
  • Attachment – display list of files attached
  • Code block macro – display code example
  • Children display macro – used to display a list of pages from a specific part of the page hierarchy
  • Content Report Table Macro – Content Report Table to a page to display a table of pages and blog posts with a specific label along with the creator and modified date
  • Favorite Pages Macro – display a list of all the pages you’ve saved for later
  • Jira Chart Macro – build visual graphs and charts from information in Jira
  • Jira Issues macro – display information from jira
  • HTML macro – embed content from an external website
  • Navigation Map Macro – display pages tagged with a specific label in a grid layout. 
  • Network Macro – displays a list of Network activity on a Confluence page or blog post
  • Page Index Macro – Add the Page Index macro to a page to create an alphabetical index of all pages in the current space
  • Page Tree Macro – display all or part of the hierarchy of pages in a space
  • Office Excel Macro – display the contents of an Excel spreadsheet.
  • PDF Macro –  display the content of a PDF document
  • Office PowerPoint Macro – display the content of a PowerPoint presentation
  • Status Macro – Add the Status macro to a page to highlight the status of a project, task, or item with a colored lozenge (rounded box)
  • Table of Contents Macro – Add the Table of Contents macro to a page to help your readers skip directly to the information they’re looking for
  • View File Macro – allow you to embed an Office or PDF document on a page.
  • Widget Connector Macro – embed online videos, slideshows, photostreams and more.
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