Artifactory Assignment

What are the Top maven goals we have?

  • compiler:compile – the compile goal from the compiler plugin is bound to the compile phase
  • compiler:testCompile is bound to the test-compile phase
  • surefire:test is bound to test phase
  • install:install is bound to install phase
  • jar:jar and war:war is bound to package phase

What are the Ports being used in Artifactory and why? Create a table and describe it.

External Network Port8081
8082 ( for Web Access )
Internal Network Ports (default)8081 for Artifactory
8040 and 8045 for Access
8048 and 9092 for the Replicator
8070 for Web
8086 for Metadata
8082, 8046, 8047, 8049, and 8091 for the Router
8061, and 8062 for Events

Find out which maven goal help you to upload a artifact?

mvn deploy

Find out which gradle tasks help you to upload a artifact?


gradle : Task :artifactoryPublish