Artifactory Excercise and Assignment – 1 (Tharun Kumar)

What are the Top maven goals we have?

A Maven phase represents a stage in the Maven build lifecycle. . Each phase is a sequence of goals, and each goal is responsible for a specific task.
Here are some of the most important phases in the default build lifecycle:
compile: compile the source code
test: run tests using a suitable unit testing framework. These tests should not require the code be packaged or deployed.
Package: take the compiled code and package it in its distributable format (jar, war, …)
install: install the package into the local repository, for use as a dependency in other projects locally.
deploy	done in an integration or release environment, copies the final package to the remote repository for sharing with other developers and projects.

What are the Ports being used in Artifactory and why? Create a table and describe it.

Port	                                       Purpose
8081	                                Main application port (Artifactory)
8080	                                Distribution Server
8040, 8045	                        For Access
8048, 8092	                        Replicator
8086	                                Metadata
8082, 8046, 8047, 
8049, and 8091	                For the Router
8070	                                Web
8061, and 8062	                 For events

8080 for Mission Control Server
8085 for Scheduler
8087 for Executor
(Obsolete from Mission Control version 4.5 and above)
8087 for Insights 
9200 for Elasticsearch (if bundled)
5432 for PostgreSQL (if bundled)
8082, 8046, 8047 and 8049 for the Router

8000 for Xray Server
7000 for Analysis
7002 for Indexer
7003 for Persist
8082, 8046, 8047 and 8049 for the Router
5671, 5672 and 15672 for RabbitMQ
5432 for PostgreSQL (if bundled)

8082 for Pipelines API
30001 for Pipelines WWW (UI)
22 for SSH access to the instance
5432 for Database (PostgreSQL) access
30200 for RabbitMQ
30201 for RabbitMQ Admin
30100 for Vault
6379, 16379, 6380, 16380, 6381, 16381 for Redis Cluster

Which maven goal help you to upload a artifact?

mvn deploy

Which Gradle tasks help you to upload a artifact?

gradle ArtifactoryPublish