1. What is kubernetes

  1. Kubernetes is a container orchestration tool.
  2. It is used to manage multiple docker host.
  3. It is developed in Go language
  4. It is open source.
  5. It is developed by google but donated to CNCF.

2. 5 reasons of using kubernetes.

  1. It overcomes the problem of container.
  2. It manages multiple docker hosts.
  3. Its open source.
  4. Scalability
  5. Efficiency

3. Each kubernetes Components & write 2-3 mins about each one of them.

  1. API server – It is responsible for all the services of kubernetes. It also takes care of its functions.
  2. ETCD – It stores the data of k8 cluster. It acts like a database.
  3. Scheduler – It assigns work to the worker. It will also communicate with the kubelet if required.
  4. Controller manager – It controls the worker state. It validates if requied.
  5. Kube proxy – It looks about the networking services. It aids in assigning IP to the POD.
  6. Network driver – It is a networking driver. Kubeadm triggers this if required.
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