Assignment 3 – by JVarshita

Q1 – Kubernetes – In simple words kubernetes is a portable open source platform which helps in managing multiple docker hosts, servers and automation. It is also useful in automating the container operations, by eliminating the manual process for maintaining many servers together. It was developed by Google, which was later donated to CNCF.

Q2 – Time Saving – As kubernetes eliminates the human or manual process by maintaining many servers together it is time saving.

Solution – If many servers are not working together, it gives the same solution to all the servers as they are inter related.

Open Source – The biggest advantage is that KB is open source and can be used by several companies for work agenda.

Many cloud servers – Kubernetes can host on one or many servers together. It can scale it environment from one to other cloud.

Kubernetes can work on public and private cloud both with high scalability.

Q3 – Components of Kubernetes are :-

  1. API Server – API Server here is collection of multiple servers together working on same agenda. Acting as a admin tool for the architecture.
  2. Etcd – It is majorly a database for the API Servers. Therefore, storing the data in the database.
  3. Scheduler – It basically assigns the work to a worker. It is used to check whether the pods are matching the nodes or not, so that kubelet can run them accordingly. It assigns pods to its matching nodes in a group.
  4. Controller mgmr – Controls all the API Servers for the services of the kubernetes and also controlling the worker state of kb.
  5. Kube Proxy – It is used for networking services and also for maintaining the network rules in a cluster.
  6. Network Driver – It is used for network driving for using the and running the plugins properly.
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