What is Pod in kubernetes. Exaplain in 15 points with image as an example

Below are the Features of pods

  1. Pods are the atomic unit of kubernetes.
  2. Pods run on worker node.
  3. Pods can contain one or more container.
  4. Pods doesn’t exist without a container.
  5. All pods in a cluster are connected to a pod network.
  6. Pods are temporary [once removed will be removed for ever].
  7. A pod pass through these phases : Ready,Pending,succeeded,Failed.
  8. Services running in pods are accessed using pod IP.
  9. All pods can communicate with each other on all nodes.
  10. All nodes can communicate with all pods.
  11. Pods can be created using JSON.
  12. Each pod runs an application/service.
  13. Pods with single container is recommended.
  14. Pods can only be instantiated not created.
  15. All containers in a pod share a single IP.