Assignment of Day3

Write down 10 features of Kubernetes with image

  1. Reduce the complexity of container
  2. Container orchestration
  3. Scheduling user requests
  4. Scaling containers
  5. Load balancing the containers
  6. Rollback containers
  7. Self-healing
  8. Monitoring
  9. Add-ons  like ingress, dns
  10. Ability to absorb changes quickly

What are the components of Kubernetes master and explain each component’s function?

There are 4 major components in kubernetes master.

1. API server -> Collect or get the user input and act as a front end to control plane

2. Controller -> responsible for noticing and responding when node goes down.

3. Scheduler -> Provide information to worker for instantiating the pod.

4. Cluster store -> Uses etcd for storing configuration about cluster state.

What are the components of Kubernetes worker and explain each component’s function?

1. Kubelet -> communicate with control plane and the Node. Manages the pods and the containers.

Kubernetes worker consist of

2. Container engine -> for managing the docker images for runtime.

3. Kubeproxy -> for allocating the network config for the pod.

4. Pod -> Collection of one or more containers

What is Pod in kubernetes? Explain in 15 points with image as an example

  1. Collection of one or more containers
  2. Pods can only be instantiated not created.
  3. Pods are created using json/yaml file.
  4. Ephemeral in nature (temporary)
  5. Pod to pod communication through kubeproxy
  6. Atomicity in nature
  7. Pod has the life cycle/ states such as ready/pending, running, succeeded/failed
  8. Services inside the pod is accessed through same pod IP.
  9. Pod with multiple containers are not a good practice.
  10. Pod either runs or exits.