What is Docker and Container? Details explaination with Image!

  • What is Docker?
    • Docker is a tool to manage containers.
  • What is Container?
    • container is an independent bundle to run applications.
  • Benefit of Docker?
    • Docker saves time and cost for launching and utilizing existing resources for running our applications .
  • Docker Architecture
    • Docker Architecture contains a
    • – client
    • – Docker Server(Deamon)
    • – ContainerD
    • – Kernal
  • Container lifecycle
    • we can create/delete/start/stop/restart/pause/un-pause/kill/remove the containers.
  • How Docker Works!!
    • When a request is made to Docker client ,it runs the image from the registries and requests kernal to attach an user/mount/network/PIDmap as a bundle to the container.
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