What is Docker

Docker is an easy tool which was used to do different things easier like create, deploy, and run the applications by using docker containers.

Docker is an open source platform which was used for building, testing, deploying ,managing applications and by using docker we can work and learn more containers and to know how they where used to compare virtual machines

It is a platform for deploying, running applications in containers.

What is containers

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Docker container is an open source software development platform

It’s main benefit is to package applications in containers allowing them to be able to run in any systems.

Docker container is an package or a software that includes all the applications that are needed for run applications.By using docker container you can manage your infrastructure in the same ways you can manage your applications by using docker containers.

Advantages of Docker

  • Ability to run Anywhere
  • Flexibility
  • CI efficiency
  • Open Source
  • Docker is fast

Commands That I have used

  • Docker info

This command is used to display the information regarding docker installation

  • Docker image

This command is used to execute code in docker container.

  • Docker ps

This command is used to list the running containers by default

  • Clear

This command was used to bring command line on top of the terminal

  • Docker stop

This command is used to pass the container which you are working with

  • Docker pull

This command is used for to pull images manually/default from docker hub

  • Docker create

This command is used for creating new container

  • History

This command is used for getting the history of the commands which where executed previously

  • Docker pause

This command is used for to hold the network namespace for a while

  • Docker unpause

This command is used to release from the pause

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