What is DevOps Foundation and the top 7 career aspects of the course

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The DevOps methodology is a process which ultimately helps organizations evolve and improve products at a more rapid pace as compared to traditional software development processes. This enables software organizations to gain a competitive edge over companies in the market. There are concepts which blend agile methodologies as well. It isn’t a surprise that DevOps professionals are some of the highest paid employees in the IT sector and some technical experts agree that it is a lucrative career path for aspiring developers. It ultimately aims at establishing a culture where building, testing, and releasing software can happen rapidly, frequently, and more reliably without compromises on quality.
Who is it for?
This certification is largely aimed at executive level management, operations leads and developers. QA and testing professionals can also take this course as it gives more teeth to their applications and also helps in the long run. Even if you aren’t one of the above but aiming to be one at some point in your career then this course is right up your alley.
But before you make up your mind and jump into such a course, let’s try to outline and segregate the top 7 career advantages of getting a DevOps Foundation certification:
1. Better employment opportunities
DevOps is still relatively new in the field of IT. Companies and organizations have only just discovered the importance and have ramped up their hiring of such professionals with a DevOps certification. There is still a major dearth of such skilled professionals which is why now would be a good time to up-skill and get into the game. Needless to say, it opens up quite a few lucrative opportunities.
2. Improve your knowledge and skill-set
DevOps signifies brand-new thought processes and workflows which have brought great opportunities to businesses. The certification itself comes with multiple technical benefits which can be applied at the business end as well. The pulse of DevOps is to work in cross-functional teams which give a great boost to your understanding of the space and equips you to handle larger responsibilities in the team.
3. Increase your salary by leaps and bounds
Let’s be honest, you are here because you want to improve your employment opportunities and expand your pay-cheque. The recent penetration of certified DevOps professionals into organizations has seen a rapid increment in salaries of such professionals. Also, DevOps professionals are the highest paid professionals in the industry.
4. Improve your effectiveness and productivity
IT organizations following conventional and traditional workflows are affected by a lot of downtimes. This can be attributed to delays in processes and waiting for software related issues to be resolved. With a DevOps Foundation training, these down-times can be reduced substantially largely due to optimized workflows. This can affect the culture of an organization as well and you can be an agent of change across teams and projects
5. You could be a leader in your organization
 With most IT organizations just discovering the advantages of a DevOps Foundation certification, the field is still in its nascent stage. As most teams operating in such a framework are cross-functional you can take lead and direct workflows in an optimized manner thereby completing projects well within timelines. You can be a leader in this aspect and grow to take up more responsibilities in the company.
6. Certification from the right institute can add a lot of value
If you are going to do this course, then it makes sense to avail it from an institute which is highly recognized and has good testimonials. Some institutes offer free memberships to professional bodies as well which adds further weight to your career and reputation.
7. Apply your learnings across the software lifecycle
Getting the certification in DevOps Foundation will not just give you a skill-set which is highly coveted for by software organizations, but you will gain the flexibility to leverage it anywhere. The single most important benefit to your career is flexibility and how well you can apply learnings across different parts of a software workflow. Companies look out for professionals who can quickly adapt and apply these principles to an environment that may be in a  flux. So get skilled and hit the ground running!
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