1. What are the 10 features of Kubernetes?

1.Storage Orchestration

2.Service discovery and load balancing

3.Automated rollouts/roll backs

4. Self healing

5. Automatic bin packaging

6. Secret &config management

2. Master Node components

1.Kube-controller – controller of ontrollers (node/endpoints/namespaces)

2. Schedular – Assign work to nodes

3.Api server – Front end to control plane

4.Cluster store –

3. Worker node components



4. How Kubernetes works?

It will work through Master and worker node. If we have 4 master components we can beome a master and node will have multiple pods and containers.

If you are deployinga package in kubernetes with the help of 4 master components it will deploy them to PODs (2hich internally had containers)

5. Components of workstation.

Comprises of Master node and worker node.

6. What is POD? Explain in 20 BULLET LINE.

  1. Pods are the deployable units that you can create and manage in Kubernetes.
  2. It containes  one or more containers
  3. A Pod is a set of namespaces, cgroups,
  4. Pods can have single container/multiple container.
  5. A POD can have 2 different container but not the same.
  6. A Pod is not a process, but an environment for running container(s). A Pod persists until it is deleted.