Vijay Docker Learnings

  1. What is Docker – in 2 lines

Ans: Docker is a Container management tool, where we can run the applications with less infrastructure.

2) What is Container – in 3 lines

Ans: Container is a Virtual Machine with no Kernal. which contains Net,PID,RootFileSystem,UserFileSystem

3) Top 10 commands with 1 example of using docker container

docker create --name=container_name image_name-> create Container 
docker start container_name -> start Container 
docker stop container_name -> stop Container 
docker restart container_name -> restart Container 
docker pause container_name -> pause Container 
docker kill container_name -> kill Container 
docker unpause container_name -> unpause Container 
docker rm container_name -> remove Container 
docker run -itd --name=container_name image_name -> create start Container
docker rename container_name new_container_name  -> rename the container
docker ps -a -> list all the running containers
docker exec -it container_name /bin/bash -> go inside the container
docker inspect container_name -> inspect the container

4) 5 commands with 1 example of using docker image

docker images -> list of images
docker pull image_name -> pull the image from registry
docker rmi image_name -> remove the image
docker save -i image_name.tar image_name -> save the image as tar
docker load -o image_name.tar -> load the image
docker commit -m"message" image_name  

5) 5 commands with 1 example of using docker registry

docker login -> login to registery
docker logout -> logout to registery
docker push image_name repositoryName -> push the image to registery
docker tag image_name new_image_name -> rename the image
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