version code 13 has already been used. try another version code in

If version code 19 has already been used in your Flutter project, you need to choose a different version code for the next release. The version code is an integer value that is used by Android devices to determine the relative version of an application.

To select a new version code, you typically increment the value from the previous version code. Here are a few suggestions for a new version code:

  • If the previous version code was 19, you can increment it to 20.
  • If you want to indicate a significant release, you can choose a higher increment, such as 21, 22, and so on.
  • Make sure to avoid reusing version codes that have already been used in your project to prevent conflicts and confusion.

If you are currently using version “1.0.1+1.9” in your Flutter project, it means that you have already used version code 1 and build number 9. In that case, you would need to choose a different version code and build number for the next release.

For example, you could consider using version code 2 and build number 10 for the next version. The updated version would then be “1.0.2+2.10”.

Remember to update the version code and build number in your project’s pubspec.yaml file or any other relevant configuration files.

Change version please this code paste here

version: 1.0.2+2.10
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