Data type conversion in Dart or Flutter project

Convert double to int

Convert int to double

How to convert List to int type in flutter

Dart convert int variable to string

use For loop using split to data type convertion

Convert double to int

To convert a double to int in Dart, we can use one of the built-in methods depending on your need:

toInt( ) or truncate( ): these 2 methods are equivalent, they both truncate the fractional/decimal part and return the integer part.

round( ): return the closest/nearest integer.

ceil( ): return the least integer that is not smaller than this number.

floor( ): return the greatest integer not greater than this number.

void main() {
  double d = 10.3;

  print(d.toInt());     // 10
  print(d.truncate());  // 10
  print(d.round());     // 10
  print(d.ceil());      // 11
  print(d.floor());     // 10

Convert int to double

So far, I know 2 ways to convert an integer to a double in Dart:

toDouble( )

: as its name is saying, just convert the integer to a double

double.tryParse( )

: provide an integer as a String to this method

void main() {
  int i = 5;
  print(i.toDouble());          // 5.0
  print(double.tryParse('$i')); // 5.0

How to convert List to int type in flutter

Just parse your data with int.parse(//your data)

var data=”18:00″;
List dataList = data.split(‘:’);

Dart convert int variable to string

Use toString and/or toRadixString

int intValue = 1;
  String stringValue = intValue.toString();
  String hexValue = intValue.toRadixString(16);

or, as in the commment

 String anotherValue = 'the value is $intValue';

String to int

String s = "45";
int i = int.parse(s);

int to String

int j = 45;
String t = "$j";

You can use the .toString() function in the int class.

int age = 23;
String tempAge = age.toString();


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