DevOps is one of the popular methods in the software industry where developers and operations communicate and collaborate in order to deliver software and services rapidly, reliably and with higher quality. In simple words, DevOps means end-to-end automation in software development and delivery. According to sources, the DevOps market is forecast to reach $12.5 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 25.2% during 2020-2025.

In this article, we list down the top 8 journals for DevOps one must read in 2020.

(The list is in no particular order)

1| A Review Paper on DevOps: Beginning and More To Know

About: Modern companies face multiple challenges to meet the requirement while developing software systems and maintaining software quality. In this review paper, the authors described the introduction, evolution, types, and components of DevOps. Here you will understand how DevOps actually was introduced as a set of rules, tools, and practices to create more efficient ways to deal with the upcoming and existing challenges related to the software development and maintain its purpose with its operational leads.

Read the paper here.

2| A Grounded Theory Analysis of Modern Web Applications – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for DevOps

About: In this paper, the researchers suggest the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) that have been employed in developing as well as deploying modern web applications and explained how these KSAs support DevOps. Applying a qualitative analysis approach to three web application development projects, the researchers discovered that the KSAs for both software development as well as IT operator practitioners support mainly 4 perspectives of DevOps, which are collaboration culture, automation, measurement, and sharing.

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Read the paper here.

3| Security Practices In DevOps

About: The goal of this research is to aid software practitioners in integrating security and DevOps by summarising experiences in utilising security practices in a DevOps environment. The researchers described the crucial steps of identifying and analysing internet artefacts to further investigate security practices that organisations use to integrate security.

Read the paper here.

4| Dimensions of DevOps

About: This study investigates the elements that characterise the DevOps phenomenon using a literature survey and interviews with practitioners who were actively involved in the DevOps movement. The researchers identified four main dimensions of DevOps, which are collaboration, automation, measurement and monitoring.

Read the paper here.

5| DevOps: A Definition and Perceived Adoption Impediments

About: This study clarifies the concept and provides insight into the existing challenges of adopting DevOps. The researchers reviewed various literature and then defined DevOps formed based on the literature by breaking down the concept into its defining characteristics. In this paper, the researchers interviewed 13 subjects in a software company that adopted DevOps and presented 11 impediments for the company’s DevOps adoption that were identified based on the interviews.

Read the paper here.

6| DevOps: Introducing Infrastructure-as-Code

About: The purpose of this research is to re-use successful and common software development practices to speed up software operations. The researchers discussed Infrastructure-as-Code and how it works as a key enabler of several DevOps tenets that heavily depend on automation.

Read the paper here.

7| Communication Challenges and Strategies in Distributed DevOps

About: This research paper describes the communication practices from a distributed agile team composed of developers and operations based on communication challenges (geographical, socio-cultural, and temporal distance) and strategies (frequency, direction, modality, and content). In addition, the researchers outlined possible research focus for future work, aiming to enrich the academia research on the matter as well as to help practitioners to improve their working practices.

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Read the paper here.

8| Improve Software Quality through Practicing DevOps

About: The main purpose of this paper is to conduct a study on how DevOps practice impacts software quality and the secondary objective is to find how to improve quality efficiently. After collecting and analysing data, the researchers observed that there is a positive relationship between the practice of DevOps and quality of software. According to the researchers, the output of this research would help companies, along with quality engineering teams to take the decision to improve testing practices.

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