Top 20 most useful shortcut in windows operating system?

Shortcut keys are very important to do faster operation on computer system ,And for a software devloper is is must to remember the shortcut for faster productivity

This image shows multiple shortcuts to a variety of functions that you can do in Microsoft Word.
Windows KeyOpens/closes the Start menu.
Windows Key + Up ArrowMaximizes the selected window.
Windows Key + Down ArrowReduces the window size. (Restore down.)
Windows Key + MMinimizes all open windows.
Windows Key + Shift + MOpens minimized windows.
F7 KeyLaunch the Spell Checker
Windows Key + LLocks the screen.
Windows Key + AOpens the Action Center.
Ctrl and NCreate a new document.
Windows Key + IOpens the Settings menu.
Windows Key + FOpens the Feedback hub.
Windows Key + HOpens the dictation toolbar.
Windows Key + POpens the projection settings.
Windows Key + . (Windows Key + 😉Opens the emoji panel.
Ctrl and F6 Opens the next window if multiple are open
Windows Key + C (Windows Key + Q)Opens Windows Search.
Windows Key + GOpens the Xbox game bar.
Windows Key + XOpens the secondary start menu.