Three different perspectives on DevOps

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Our guests are Nathen Harvey, vice president of Community Development at Chef Software,  Brent Wodicka,  principal solutions architect at AIS, and David Bock, principal consultant – DevOps Services Lead at Excella Consulting.

The term “DevOps” has more meanings than “fake news.”  In order to get a handle on the concept, we brought in three practitioners of DevOps.

In a traditional IT environment, a group of developers would be in one room developing code.  Down the hall would be a person who would spend most of the day inside the data center doing maintenance.  At one point, the developers would beg and plead for an environment to test code.

The operations person would come up with every excuse in the world.  No progress.

Today, the data center may have moved to the cloud. Maintaining virtual servers requires less mechanical skill and more coordination.

The “dev” represents the software developers.  The “ops” stands for the operations people.

During the discussion, Wodicka talks about how DevOps works in the Microsoft environment.  He talks about the drastic growth of Microsoft and the fact that they are now the largest contributor to GitHub.

Bock shows listeners how to learn more – he mentions the efforts that his company, Excella, has made in having free events for federal information professionals to learn about DevOps.

Harvey expands on the capability of Chef and how it allows developers to perform continuous delivery for code in a DevOps environment.

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