Testing, Metrics, Security—Major Trends in DevOps in 2017

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DevOps (Development and Operations) depicts the agile relationship between IT Operations and Development in an enterprise. DevOps facilitates better relationship between the two business units through better collaboration and communication and thereby help the enterprise achieve greater digital agility. While DevOps focuses on improving development and operations, software development and services company, predicts that the main focus of Dev Ops in 2017 is expected to be testing, metrics and security.

“As organizations race to deliver innovations to market, they will find that ensuring the quality, security and performance of their applications are just as important as speed. DevOps plays a pivotal role in making sure these happen as businesses put software at the core of their DNA to survive and thrive in today’s application economy,” says Richard Gerdis, Vice President, DevOps, Asia Pacific & Japan, CA Technologies.

The predictions and suggestions for DevOps for 2017 are:

  • Testing: As time to market becomes key to competitiveness, relegating testing to a single phase in the development lifecycle, puts a lot of pressure on the testers and the testing function. Added to this is the rapidly changing customer expectations which affects existing code. CA Technologies advocates the following to ensure good and quality code:
    • Rigorous testing is essential throughout the development lifecycle
    • Testing should be done by both—developers and Quality Assurance engineers
    • Provide the test results of both (developers and quality assurance engineers) to the operations team for quality evaluation
  • Security: As the sophistication and intensity of cyber threat increases in 2017, ensuring protection against known threats is included in the code, becomes essential. Development, operations and security will have to unify and become DevSecOps. CA Technologies advocates the following to ensure a secure code:
    • To ensure safety, the code should be deployed within an architecture that has solid security
    • Security should be treated as a special case during testing, as security-related code testing involves unique and dynamic requirements, experts and constituencies, which are not usually a part of the DevOps process
  • Metrics: With the availability of data, metrics would play a huge role to help improve and standardize DevOps to ensure good quality and secure code. Collective metrics help organizations discover bottlenecks in their processes and thereby help in optimizing resource allocation. Individual metrics help to identify coaching needs and thereby help in replicating good performance. As the benefits of metrics adoption become more acceptable, CA Technologies expects that the industry will agree on common metrics in 2017.
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