TDP DevOps Day 3 – Assignment 1

1) What is kubernetes ?

Kubernetes is open source platform that is used for containers orchestration and to manage multiple docker host, containerized workloads and services that facilitates automation. Kubernetes is portable and is developed in Go programming language.

2) Five reasons of using kubernetes:

  1. Scalability
  2. Architectural advantages like transparency, time savings and version control
  3. Clever updates
  4. Service discovery
  5. Elasticity
  6. Resilience

3) Each kubernetes components & write 2-3 lines about each one of them

  1. API Server – API Server is a component that exposes kubernetes API. The API server is the front end for the kubernetes control plane. It is for all the services like functions and resources of kubernetes (k8).
  2. etcd – etcd is a component that is for storing all data of k8 cluster. It is consistent and higly available backing store for all the cluster data in kubernetes master.
  3. Scheduler – Scheduler is a component that is control plane component that watches for newly created pods and containers and for assigning container to the worker.
  4. Controller manager – controller manager is a control plane component that is used for controlling all the work state. A control loop is a non-terminating loop that regulates the state of the system.
  5. Kube proxy – It is a network proxy that runs on each node in the cluster, it maintains and provides networking services.
  6. Network driver – It is the component used for network driving to use and run the plugins properly and effectively.

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