SRE Pre-Assessment

Q1 – What are the differences between SRE and DevOps?

Ans: Devops is like an interface and SRE implements DevOps

Q2 – What SRE team is responsible for?

Ans: Monitoring, Automation of Operations.

Q3 – What is an error budget?

Ans: The amount of errors/downtime that is acceptable.

Q4 – What are MTTF (mean time to failure) and MTTR (mean time to repair)? What these metrics help us to evaluate?

Ans: MTTF is mean of times between the failure occurrences.
MTTR is is mean of times that took for repairing or solving the problem.

Q5 – What is the role of monitoring in SRE?

Ans: If any thing goes down, SRE steps in to the field, alerts the concerned application owner 

and makes efforts to get the app up again.

Q6 – How do you differentiate between process and thread?

Ans:  Process is like a molecule and threads are like atoms.

Q7 – What activity means Reducing Toil?

Ans: Automating the manual stuff.

Q8 – Have you ever heard of SLO? If yes then explain.

Ans: Yes, Service Level Objectives these are the objectives there are need to meet the SLA’s (Service Level Agreements).

Q9 – Enlist all the Linux signals you are aware of


Q10 – What is obserbability

Ans: No idea, I think the extent of monitoring.

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