Pre-test Solved (Shashank)

Q1 – What are the differences between SRE and DevOps?
Answer – DevOps – Development and operation work which is mainly involved in both the phases to reduce time of the over all SDLC.
SRE – Is mainly concern about the uptime and relibility of the prod system and mostly works and develop software and automation around it.

Q2 – What SRE team is responsible for?
Answer : To manage the Uptime of the production systems.

Q3 – What is an error budget?
Answer : Provide a matric which tells the unreliability of the prod services.

Q4 – What are MTTF (mean time to failure) and MTTR (mean time to repair)? What these metrics help us to evaluate?
Answer : MTTF measures the average amount of time a non-responsive service takes before it goes down completely.
MTTR – Average time a service takes to recover from a failure.

Q5 – What is the role of monitoring in SRE?
Answer : Monitoring is very important for SRE starting from the early detection of failure and take action once failure is detetcted.

Q6 – How do you differentiate between process and thread?
Answer : A program in running state is a process and thread is a sub-set/segment of the running program.

Q7 – What activity means Reducing Toil?
Answer : Anything which machine can do instead of an human is used for reducing toil example automation.

Q8 – Have you ever heard of SLO? If yes then explain.
Answer : Yes, service level objective is an agreement within an SLA between service provider and a customer.

Q9 – Enlist all the Linux signals you are aware of

Q10 – What is observability?
Answer : Monitoring system internal state.

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