Solving a problem – algorithmic approach

to this point we have discussed distinct styles of records systems and their usage. however, one factor we ought to consider is that simply placing records in a proper shape may not remedy our issues. We want to find solutions to our problems the usage of the assist of data systems or, in different phrases, we are going to clear up problems the use of statistics systems. We need algorithms to remedy our problem.
An algorithm is a little by little process which defines the set of commands to be achieved in a certain order to get a desired output. In widespread, algorithms are not confined to any programming language or platform. they are unbiased of programming languages. An set of rules ought to have the following characteristics:

  • Input: An algorithm must have well-defined input. It can be 0 or more inputs.
  • Output: An algorithm must have well-defined output. It must match the desired output.
  • Precision: All steps are precisely defined.
  • Finiteness: An algorithm must stop after a certain number of steps. It should not run indefinitely.
  • Unambiguous: An algorithm should be clear and should not have any ambiguity in any of the steps.
  • Independent: An algorithm should be independent of any programming language or platforms.

let us now create an set of rules. however which will do this, we need a problem declaration. So allow us to expect that we’ve a brand new shipment of books for our library. There are a thousand books and they’re no longer sorted in any unique order. We need to locate books as in keeping with the list and store them in their certain shelves. How do we discover them from the pile of books?
Now, we can resolve the hassle in special methods. every manner has a unique method to discover an answer for the problem. We call these approaches algorithms. To keep the discussion short and precise, we are going to most effective do not forget procedures to clear up the hassle. We recognize there are numerous different ways as well however for simplicity allow us to keep our dialogue only for one set of rules.
we’re going to shop the books in a easy row in order that we will see the ebook names. Now, we can choose a e-book name from the list and search from one give up of the row to the other stop till we discover the e-book. So essentially, we’re going to observe a sequential search for each of the books. we can repeat these steps until we location all books of their detailed locations.

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