Sap and Microsoft ink new deal to boost edge and cloud computing in the supply chain sector


SAP and Microsoft have launched a new partnership that will see the pair enabling their customers to design and operate intelligent digital supply chain and Industry 4.0 solutions in the cloud and at the edge.

The partnership builds on an existing agreement between the two companies and will have a significant impact in the supply chain and manufacturing sectors.

“SAP is excited to bring our proven and innovative solutions to Microsoft Azure for our manufacturing and digital supply chain customers,” said Franz Hero, SAP Senior Vice President for Digital Supply Chain Solutions.

“This partnership gives our customers the ability to subscribe to our digital supply chain and manufacturing solutions in the cloud and enhances our offerings for Industry 4.0. Building on this, SAP solutions will soon be available at the edge in factories, plants, and automated warehouses in close proximity to sensors, machines, and control systems.”

Businesses and enterprises will now be able to use a comprehensive set of SAP Digital Supply Chain solutions on Microsoft Azure, including SAP solutions for digital manufacturing, SAP Intelligent Asset Management solutions, SAP Integrated Business Planning, and SAP Logistics Business Network.

Mobile edge and cloud computing technologies are set to play a starring role in the evolution of the logistic and supply chain sectors.

A recent report, published by IDC claimed that 70% of IoT deployments by 2023 will include edge-based decision-making to support organisations’ operational and strategic agendas. The report also states that by “2023, 70% of enterprises will run varying levels of data processing at the IoT edge. In tandem, organisations will spend over $16 billion on IoT edge infrastructure in that time.”


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