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You’ve probably heard of the dot-com bubble of 1995–2000 and one more recently referred to as the Bitcoin bubble, both of which have proven not to be a bubble at all but rather a thriving new asset class, which would be hard to imagine in a world of innovation without it today. Our new concept, Bubble Network, is a deflationary token designed to embrace and even adopt the idea of being called a bubble as a positive thing if in terms of price appreciation.

Bubble Network is a decentralized peer-to-peer transaction network and store of value, providing a solution for new investors to be part of an innovative network of asset holders. The direction of Bubble is to ultimately be governed by the community as well as the value of the asset.

A Liquidity Generation Event recently took place in November 2020, in which the presale completely sold out in only four days. Liquidity has been locked for a minimum of six months, using Unicrypt services. Trading began on Uniswap also in November 2020, seeing the price initially surge approximately 87% before retracing slowly and stabilizing for several weeks.

What makes BBL a great investment opportunity?
BBL, Bubble’s native token, is a deflationary ERC-2O token built on the Ethereum network with a maximum and minimum supply of 100,000 and 30,000 tokens, respectively. Deflation will happen due to a slow-burn mechanism. Every transaction will trigger a burn rate of 5% that will continue until the supply reaches 30,000. This will protect pooled Ether for a sustained period.

The initial 100,000 tokens have been minted. The BBL token contract has no functionality to mint more tokens. However, BBL farming and staking will be implemented by using the new Bubble Valve token (BBV), which will be released in mid-December 2020. BBV was created to complement BBL and add additional utility. Users can farm BBL to earn rewards in BBV and also stake BBV to earn extra BBV rewards. The BBV UI will also have an automatic compounding feature that will enable more staking power for users.

There are further announcements expected over the next few weeks in December 2020 related to insurance solutions and non-fungible tokens that are slated for 2021. Bubble Network aims to be eventually listed on a range of centralized exchanges and could be a rising star in the decentralized finance space. The Bubble network token is currently trading on Uniswap’s decentralized exchange and can be stored on multiple ERC-20 cryptocurrency wallets, such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet, to name a few.

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