PlanetScale Brings Fully Managed Databases to Customer Kubernetes Clusters

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., June 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PlanetScale today announced the beta release of PlanetScaleDB for Kubernetes, which allows organizations to host their data in their own network perimeter and deploy databases with just a few clicks using the PlanetScale control plane and operator. The new solution offers a SaaS-like experience that eliminates concerns about backups, durability, high availability and other database management headaches. PlanetScaleDB for Kubernetes is a fully managed MySQL compatible database-as-a-service for companies looking to harness the power of distributed containerized applications.

The new service helps companies manage their databases at scale, as it is built on Vitess, a top level Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) open source project used by companies like Slack and Square to serve millions of queries per second.

The global application container market is expected to grow to $4.98 billion by 2023 as applications increasingly move to the cloud as part of digital transformation initiatives. With the dramatic rise of remote work due to COVID-19, organizations are looking to deploy more resilient applications based oncloud native  technologies, such as Kubernetes. But as Kubernetes adoption increases, many engineering leaders are worried that their databases will get left behind. PlanetScaleDB for Kubernetes solves this problem while simplifying application infrastructure by keeping data and applications together.

“Engineering leaders at companies across industries are determining strategies for digital transformation, and Kubernetes has emerged as an operating system for computing resources—either on a company’s own data center or in the public cloud,” said Jiten Vaidya, CEO and co-founder of PlanetScale. “PlanetScaleDB for Kubernetes enables organizations to leverage Kubernetes for running transactional workloads, with the ease of a managed service.”

Features of PlanetScaleDB for Kubernetes include:

Efficiency: Running databases alongside applications in Kubernetes eliminates overcomplicated infrastructure.
Performance: Companies can reduce query latency up to 20 milliseconds by running their databases adjacent to microservices.
Reliability: PlanetScaleDB handles software upgrades, hardware failures and network partitions without application downtime.
Security: Data will never leave a company’s network perimeter so security policies are met.
Ease of Operations: Fully managed databases can now be deployed in an organization’s infrastructure with just a few clicks.
‍PlanetScaleDB for Kubernetes is in beta at this time; to learn more visit:
Try PlanetScaleDB at

About PlanetScale
PlanetScale provides a cloud native transactional database built on Kubernetes that delivers the scalability, manageability and reliability enterprises need for current and emerging mission-critical applications. The company’s flagship service, PlanetScaleDB, is the true multi-cloud database, enabling cross-cloud portability, disaster recovery and maximum uptime.

The fully managed database-as-a-service is MySQL compatible and built on battle-tested Vitess, a top-level CNCF open source project used by GitHub, HubSpot, Slack and Square to serve millions of queries per second. By enabling organizations to run applications in the cloud and on Kubernetes with unbounded scale, PlanetScale reduces time to market of applications, prevents vendor lock-in and reduces the time and cost of managing database infrastructure. To learn more visit PlanetScale can be found on Twitter @planetscaledata.

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