Pin Pointers Of Kubernetes

By Hemanth

What are the 10 feature of Kubernetes?

2)Storage orchestration
3)Automated Scheduling
4)Automated rollouts & rollback
5)Horizontal Scaling & Load Balancing
6)Provides a higher density of resource utilization
7)Auto-scalable infrastructure
8)Infrastructure is loosely coupled to each component can act as a separate unit
9)Custom Scheduling

How kubernetes works?

works same as like helmsman , Where it manages the Nodes and PODS.

What are the components of Master?

etcd,API Server,Controller Manager,Scheduler

etcd :It stores the configuration information which can be used by each of the nodes in the cluster. It is a high availability key value store that can be distributed among multiple nodes. It is accessible only by Kubernetes API server as it may have some sensitive information. It is a distributed key value Store which is accessible to all.

API Server : 

Kubernetes is an API server which provides all the operation on cluster using the API. API server implements an interface, which means different tools and libraries can readily communicate with it. Kubeconfig is a package along with the server side tools that can be used for communication. It exposes Kubernetes API. 

Controller Manager
This component is responsible for most of the collectors that regulates the state of cluster and performs a task. In general, it can be considered as a daemon which runs in nonterminating loop and is responsible for collecting and sending information to API server. It works toward getting the shared state of cluster and then make changes to bring the current status of the server to the desired state. The key controllers are replication controller, endpoint controller, namespace controller, and service account controller. The controller manager runs different kind of controllers to handle nodes, endpoints, etc.

This is one of the key components of Kubernetes master. It is a service in master responsible for distributing the workload. It is responsible for tracking utilization of working load on cluster nodes and then placing the workload on which resources are available and accept the workload. In other words, this is the mechanism responsible for allocating pods to available nodes. The scheduler is responsible for workload utilization and allocating pod to new node.

What are the components of Worker?

Docker (container)
Kubelet Service
Kubernetes Proxy Service

What are the components of Workstation?

kubectl ,JSON