New database provisioning solution brings GDPR compliance to DevOps

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The latest solution from Redgate Software, known for its industry leading database development tools, promises to resolve much of the headache the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is already causing. SQL Provision launches today and allows users to create copies of SQL Server databases in seconds which use a fraction of disk space, and mask any sensitive data to address data privacy and protection issues.

The provisioning of database copies to improve the efficiency and quality of database development and testing is becoming increasingly common as companies and organizations seek to introduce DevOps practices. Working with a copy of the production database enables developers to find errors faster and prevents problems when changes are deployed.

It does, however, take a long time and huge amounts of disk space to provision copies, so old copies are often used, which become increasingly unreliable over time and are difficult to keep track of, especially where multiple developers are involved. Coupled with this, the implementation of the GDPR in May 2018 is making the protection of sensitive data a priority for almost every company and organization.

SQL Provision has been created to support a database DevOps approach while keeping GDPR compliance central to the process. Using Data Masker, sensitive data can be anonymized or replaced with realistic data, helping to satisfy the requirements of regulations like GDPR, HIPAA and SOX. The virtual cloning technology of SQL Clone can then create full database copies in seconds using just a few MB of local disk storage, giving developers a truly realistic copy, while keeping confidential data protected.

The masking and provisioning of database copies is also managed from one place, so organizations can control their distribution and know when copies were provided, to which developers or teams of developers, and the precise data that was masked.

“The closer we get to GDPR, the bigger the issue of data privacy becomes,” says Richard Macaskill, Redgate Product Manager. “Companies need solutions that free them to take advantage of DevOps in their database development process, yet enable them to be truly compliant.”

This is particularly important because Redgate’s recent SQL Server Database Provisioning Report found that 83% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that it is desirable to use production data in development and testing. With SQL Provision, they can continue to do so, knowing that data security, regulatory compliance and storage concerns have been accommodated.

Redgate has also deliberately priced SQL Provision so that small and medium sized enterprises can take advantage of it alongside large corporations. The tiered pricing model is based on the total size of the databases organizations need to provision, rather than the number of users.

As Richard Macaskill concludes: “Provisioning solutions have typically been restricted to big companies in the past. Every company and organization of whatever size will need to comply with the GDPR, so it makes sense to give them the opportunity to do so.”

The development teams behind Data Masker and SQL Clone which comprise the SQL Provision solution are continuing to refine the tools to streamline data masking and database provisioning yet further.

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