How to upload a project to GitHub?

Hello guys, welcome to the digital world of programming, today, you are going to learn about how to upload projects in GitHub and about local files which are in your system, we are going to teach you how can you upload that files to your GitHub repository. If you have an idea about commit, forks, pull request, merge, and branch. And how can you do contributions to projects? That’s ok, otherwise, you’re a beginner. So, it will be more beneficial to you than a pro user.

Creating a new GitHub repository

What you will do first, first you will make a repository. You have made a repository from the name of the programmer and after doing a public option, you have uploaded that. When the repository will have made, you will see that, if you will click on that, there will be not any code. So, you will copy that link from there & move it to the files where you have put some codes and wants to upload it.

How can you upload projects on GitHub?

If you want to upload some files related to code that you have kept in your eclipse then go to the team option and share that project. After sharing is done, you will go to the team option by doing one right-click and you will select the commit option. When you will do commit then there will come all your files which be selected by you. You will add that files in stage changes and after this, you can write some commands like programmer first commit. After doing so, you will do commit & push and fill up all the push branch matters by adding a remote name, URL links, host, id, and password for authentication, after that you will do checking by clicking on the preview option. You will see, there will be happening connections in the eclipse. After this, you will do push and close that and you will see your GitHub files by doing a refresh in that your programmer file will have uploaded along with all the files which are committed by you.

Push code to GitHub

You will see there, all the .txt files which are uploaded by you. If you will open all the .txt files to fetching in eclipse then you would be a wonder to see that all programs and commit will be available there. Whether you will check, there will be similar programs in both GitHub and eclipse. So this way, you can directly upload your files from the eclipse to the GitHub programmer repository. You have learnt many more things about GitHub. So, stay tuned for more information.

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