How Next-Gen WAF Empowers the DevOps Lifecycle

Signal Sciences next-gen WAF can send and receive data to and from a wide range of security and DevOps tools via our API and integrations with various infrastructure and security tooling. The layer 7 telemetry we gather from inspecting and decisioning on over one trillion web requests monthly can inform every stage of the DevOps lifecycle.  The infographic below walks you through how our next-gen WAF enables software delivery and security teams to create and release more secure code and protect their apps in production. In future blog entries, we’ll cover each of these stages of the DevOps lifecycle in depth. For a few examples of how we do it, take a quick read through the infographic.
Insights at Every DevOps Lifecycle Stage
Many customers install Signal Sciences and leverage the automated app protection we provide so they can focus on other high value work to propel their business. In other words,  Signal Sciences is a force multiplier for security and DevOps teams that need to do more with fewer resources. Others, however, leverage the KPIs and security data our management console up-levels for a view into how attackers try to abuse or manipulate their apps in production. Here are the highlights of how we provide actionable visibility by stage of the DevOps lifecycle:
CODE: Signal Sciences can identify high-value security bugs and vulnerabilities in production so developers can release more secure code.
BUILD: Deploying modern cloud-native applications incurs risk because these platforms do not inherently provide extensive web-layer visibility. Unlike legacy WAFs that are often black boxes that block web requests without providing context for the decision, Signal Sciences provides the visibility for developers and security teams to understand how their apps are being attacked in production.
RELEASE: DevOps teams must release to production often. But they don’t want to modify code with every release to ensure the app is protected.  With Signal Sciences, you install our agent-module in your infrastructure or deploy us via reverse proxy or Cloud WAF and your production apps are protected.
OPERATE: Uptime and keeping apps accessible are key objectives of operations teams. Signal Sciences  provides production monitoring on key app metrics.
MONITOR: After deployment to production, Signal Sciences reports and alerts operations and security teams in real-time. Signal Sciences integrates with over 30+ DevOps and security monitoring tools and platforms.
The insights our award-winning next-gen WAF provides will empower your development team to harden their code prior to release and defend their apps upon deployment to production.  Request a demo today to learn more from one of our application security experts.
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