How kubernetes works? Explain each components with Short Summary

Kubernates works with many components

  • It has cluster
    • Master
      • Nodes

Kubernates master acts as incharge.

Nodes AKA minions acts as “Doing the work”

  • Master has
    • api server —which recives the request
    • Controller —whcih watches the changes and maintain the desired state
    • etcd — which acts as a storage device(store values in key-value pair
    • Scheduler–which assign works to nodes
  • Node –It can contain the single pod, or multiple pods..
    • Kubelet –registers nodes with cluster, instantiates the pod
    • Container –pulling the docker images
    • kube proxy — it provided the ip addresses to all pods(all containes within the pod have the same ip address
  • All pods can communicate with each other