GliaStudio delivers AI-powered video creation solutions on Google Cloud Platform

TAIPEI, Taiwan, July 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — GliaCloud Co., Ltd., announced that GliaStudio is now available on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace (GCP Marketplace), allowing customers to generate quality videos simply from their news content, social posts, live sports events, and even statistical data in minutes. The collaboration with Google Cloud will enable more businesses around the world to access GliaStudio’s AI video creation capabilities and to stand out on social media.

Google Cloud customers will find various packages offered by GliaStudio. Small and medium marketers can start with GliaStudio’s basic plan to leverage its text to video technology that can easily produce social videos with just a few clicks. Meanwhile, text publishers and streaming media can adopt the advanced plan with more customization features such as AI meta tagging service, automating sporting highlights, distribution and monetization system.

“GliaStudio is proud to support many customers who want to create videos at scale. Our AI made videos have already attracted over millions of views and thousands of engagements,” says Agnes Peng, COO of GliaCloud. “Our goal is to empower any medium or marketer who may not have professional video editing resources to make their stories shine in this video-first world.”

Ready to leverage the power of AI and rock social media? Request a demo and start a two-week free trial on GCP Marketplace. More information about GliaStudio can be found on the GliaCloud website.

GliaCloud is a VC backed startup dedicated to empowering the media and advertising industry through the development of AI and Machine Learning. Founded in 2015, GliaCloud has a solid technology background as demonstrated by international startup awards, such as Tech in Asia Singapore, Seedstars World Taipei, ChinaBang Awards and more. Trusted by the leading video platforms, blog platforms, music streaming platforms, news media and sport apps, GliaCloud’s mission is to enrich people’s life with AI.

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