Fairwinds’ Astro Helps Manage Datadog Monitors in Kubernetes Deployments for Better Productivity and Cluster Performance

Astro software automates the management of monitors for more productive engineering teams and healthier clusters
Fairwinds, the leader in fully managed cloud-native infrastructure solutions, has released its open source Astro project. Astro provides an intuitive API for understanding and managing Datadog monitors in large and complex deployments.
Datadog monitors collect a massive amount of data for cloud-native deployments. These monitors are typically managed manually, which is inefficient and if not managed on a consistent, ongoing basis, can affect cluster performance. Astro automates the management of Datadog monitors, using rules based on defined patterns in Kubernetes, to uncover and prevent potential performance issues.
“Astro takes advantage of new Kubernetes-native patterns to help engineers declaratively manage Datadog monitors with the agility to match the ephemeral nature of these environments,” said Michael Gerstenhaber, Director of Product Management at Datadog. “We’re excited to partner with Fairwinds and support their efforts in making this tool available to benefit the entire community.”
“Keeping monitors in sync is critical to preventing outages and reducing pager fatigue,” said Joe Pelletier, Fairwinds VP of Strategy. “Datadog is a leader in infrastructure monitoring and we’re thrilled to partner with them on this announcement.”
Astro provides three key elements to greatly simplify Datadog monitor management:
Automated lifecycle management of Datadog monitors: Given configuration parameters, the utility will automatically manage defined monitors for all relevant objects within the Kubernetes cluster. As objects change, monitors are updated to reflect that state, eliminating the need for manual configuration.
Correlation between logically bound objects: Astro has the ability to manage monitors for all objects within a given namespace. This ensures greater consistency across monitor configurations.
Templating of values from Kubernetes objects into managed monitors: Any data from a managed Kubernetes object can be inserted into a managed monitor. This produces more informative and contextualized alerts, making it easier to triage issues.
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