DevOps Metrics: Measuring What Matters

Sooner rather than later, all software development teams have to implement strong DevOps. As the product scales, the development process should get more efficient, with shorter cycles of putting high-quality software in the end user’s hands. But this requires stronger collaboration between software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops). Hence, DevOps is about applying principles and methods to improve this collaboration to build, test, and release software much faster.

This is a summary of Vlakto Ivanobski’s talk “DevOps Metrics: Measuring What Matters”.

Benefits of DevOps

There are various benefits to DevOps in the software development life cycle:

Gain a competitive advantage: You get a competitive advantage by responding faster to business demands. A DevOps system will help you get new features to market before your competitors.

Increase IT resource efficiency: You need to automate multiple deployment processes and remove manual processes. This will improve the development efficiency.
Enable better and faster decisions: You can enable faster decisions by creating feedback loops. This will help identify issues as early as possible.
Keep pace with business demands: Today’s dynamic market leads to ever-changing requirements. A sound DevOps system helps push new updates and applications to the market faster to increase customer satisfaction.

Implementing DevOps

As discussed above, there are various benefits to implementing DevOps. However, achieving high levels of collaboration between your teams to achieve an efficient DevOps process is challenging. So, you need to address the issue in a systematic manner. First, you must assess your overall DevOps strategy to prioritize the key areas. Next, you need to identify the DevOps maturity of your development and IT operation processes. You can use the chart below to help with this. Next, you can come up with ideas on what to improve. Finally, you can implement your ideas to improve your development.


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