DevOps Introduction By vennalavanya14

DevOps is a software development and IT operations process that helps to improve the collaboration developers and operators by automating the Deployment, configuration, monitoring and management of applications.

Advantages of DevOps

1. Shorten Production Cycles 2. Increase Deployment Success Rates 3. Improved Collaboration and Communication 4. Increased Efficiency Through Automation 5. Work with Good Developers 6. A Good Organizational Culture 7. Increase Product Quality8. Increase Your Value 9. Become Respected in IT 10. Increase Your Salary

Top 10 DevOps Tools 1.QuerySurge 2. Basis Technologies 3.Keysight Eggplant 4.Datadog 5.Solarwinds DevOps 6.Jenkins 7.Vagrant 8.PagerDuty 9.Prometheus 10.Ganglia.

Implementation of DevOps

1.Organizing a DevOps initiative 2.Building the DevOps strategy 3.Containerizing 4.Integrating infrastructure automation with CI/CD tools 5.Increasing the amount of test automation and aligning QA with development 6.Ensuring total application performance monitoring

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